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Logo + visual identity

Website design

Sandi Rae is an author, storyteller, occupational therapist, ​parenting coach, and a mother to three - there's nothing this woman cannot do! Inspired by her work with families, Sandi set out to write stories that would feel like a children's title, but speak to a parent's heart.  She tells us that parenting is nothing as we expect it to be, it is much harder, but also much sweeter.  Sandi uses her credentials both professionally and as a mother herself, to capture the hearts of her audience.  So grab your favorite mug of coffee and cozy in for a story about doing life together. 


Creating a visual identity that encompassed warmth, comfort, and common ground was essential. We landed on rustic meets modern to exemplify the eclectic nature of Sandi herself, her variety of credentials and offerings for parents. This plays out in the little elements of the design - rustic imagery, blended font styles - both contemporary and whimsical, and a warm color palette. We carried over all of these elements to a beautiful new website, drawing her audience into the community she provides. 



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