This is me today. Unshowered, messy bun, no make-up, lounge clothes and tired, oh so tired. The babe got up at 2:45 AM y’all and teething is NO joke. The preschooler followed at 445 AM, just as I got the baby back down. My day has been looong. I am exhausted and worn down. My body feels foreign and nothing about my life feels like it belongs to me anymore.

But then. I walk into preschool pick up with babe in tow. I am sweating because Minnesota. Somehow forgot that it is FALL and decided it would be 85 degrees and sunny this week. No. We are done with heat and humidity, Minnesota. Pumpkin spice lattes are out. It is boot weather now. I am done shaving my legs Every. Single. Day.

But I digress. Preschool pick up. Sweaty. No make-up. Messy bun.

A little girl walks out with the teacher and I smile at her. She looks me right in the eyes and says, “Oooh! You are beautiful.”

It just about undid me. I wanted to weep right there in the hallway.

But since I am an adult...and society says we keep all things together…I smiled politely and said thank you. I picked up E, and walked out the door. But you know what, that little girl spoke to my soul today. She saw my spirit, not my circumstances. She saw that I am pouring all I am into my littles and the joy that it brings me. She saw my kind heart and my love for kids. She saw ME…not my lack of fancy outfits, make-up, or done up hair.

One of the things I love about children is that they tell the TRUTH. They are honest, vulnerable, and they do not care what people think. They will call you out and compliment you all in one sentence. I love it because it is freeing. I love it because I have spent enough of my life with passive aggressive people. I love it because I never have to question how they feel. I love it because they are real, vulnerable and authentic – everything I strive to be.

That little girl changed my world today. She reminded me that beauty is found within my soul. Beauty is being a mama to my boys even if my body has changed. Beauty is being present in their lives, even if that means I do not get to shower that day. Beauty is being kind and loving and giving grace. And when I really thought about it – I was doing all those things today.

This morning I didn’t feel beautiful – but a little girl changed my perspective, even if she was only 4…

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Remember, you were never created to do it all and you were never created to do it alone.