These are the moments. The moments where I remember why we decided to have another baby. The moments where I remember that the reason was for love, for friendship, and for an extraordinary bond only siblings can have.

But to be honest…my life rarely looks like these photos. The boys are 4 years a part and it is HARD right now. Ages 5 and 1 just cannot do the same things. And although the Little tries earnestly to do everything his big brother can do, it just isn’t feasible. My days are spent refereeing squabbles and reminding the Big we cannot hit or push when we are upset. My days are spent peeling the Little off the Big’s Lego creations and tending to screams from both boys. My days are spent feeling like I am never enough as I know I cannot be 2 people at once. My days are spent trying to pour into the Big so he feels seen and heard and loved – while also tending to the every need of the Little who is just still so dependent on me. My days are spent yelling too much even though I vowed to be calm this morning. My days are spent feeling guilty and like I failed once again.

But then, there are the moments. When the Little squeals in delight when the Big comes into the room. When they snuggle on the couch reading a book. When they find that they can do sensory play together and it’s pure magic. When the B

ig saves his brother from running into the street and holds his hand down the path. When they both look to me with those baby blues and remind me why being a mama is all I ever wanted in this life.

These are the moments that I choose to define my life. I choose to remember the good and not focus on the mishaps. I choose to remember the joy and vow to do better next time. I choose to remember the love and the friendship they will have for the rest of their lives. These are the moments, mama. These are the reasons we became mothers in the first place. Remember them, meditate on them, and make more of them.

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