The Dreaded Word in Parenting...

The little has learned THE word – y’all know which one I am talking about.The one that seems like it really should be a cuss word after you hear it for the 1 millionth time today.

No. No. No. NO, mama, NO. At least he gives me a brief relief by putting mama in there…

So here’s the deal: the little has been slower to pick up words then I imagined, so when he first said no, I celebrated and praised him and video taped him (yes I am THAT mom). But now, I must admit I am regretting that a tiny bit. Now that all I hear is no…I sort of miss the silence some days.

Ever wonder if that is how our littles feel? When we are run down, exhausted, and there is just not enough of us to go around? When we have little patience left, and all they hear is no? Mamahood is the hardest job in the whole world. It honestly never ends. You are on call 24-7 – there is no break. It’s no wonder that some days, we have just had enough. We get a little angry, and maybe we say no just for the sake of saying it, just because we cannot handle one more thing right now. Maybe we say no a few too many times.

So here’s what I am thinking – instead of our days being filled with the word no – what if we filled it with yes? What if we stopped and looked for the little opportunities to say yes to our littles, so that the no’s we must say aren’t so bad after all.

Mama – can I build a fort? Yes.

Mama – can I play with play dough/sand/paint/markers/ect? Yes.

(I will not mind the mess…I will not mind the mess…)

Mama – can I have a cookie? Yes.

(I made healthy ones with no sugar…so who cares, honestly?)

Mama – can I jump on the bed? Yes.

(We will take the mattress off the bed…less chance for bumps and bruises.)

Mama – can I have a snack? Yes.

(It’s only the 20th snack today, but yes you can have another…if its a fruit or a veggie.)

Mama – can I play outside? Yes.

(We will bundle for 10 minutes, to only stay out for 20…)

Mama – can I snuggle with you? Yes.

(I know I have laundry, and dishes, and cooking, and have to pee…but I will stop, I will be in the moment with you.)

Mama – can I? Yes. Yes. Yes.

If it is not a danger to you or others, then Yes.

If it is not bad for your health – physically, emotionally, spiritually, then Yes.

If it does not negatively affect you or others, then Yes.

Can you imagine how our days might be a little bit brighter? Can you see how we might stop and just be present?

Here’s what I believe, its the little things that add up to the big moments in our lives. And if we can pause, breathe, and say yes more then we say no, I really believe we can find more joy in our long mama days.

So will you join me in the journey of yes?

With Love,


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