It's the Little Things...

In a world that is so focused on more – more stuff, more house, more activities, more education – it is easy to feel as if we need to do more as mama. Not only do we hear uninvited parenting advice from the people around us, but we are also bombarded by the parenting messages on social media. We scroll through our feed and see mama after mama who seem to be doing everything right, ALL THE TIME.

But when did our role as mama become so BIG? In today’s world, we are expected to work full time, in addition to accomplishing the same tasks as if were staying home. We must have the money to give our children ALL the things, we must only provide the best food (organic, homemade), we must give our children every opportunity by carting them around to activity after activity, and we must keep a clean home.

Not to mention Pinterest, that dang pinterest. Currently I have over 5,000 pins of things I can “do myself.” I must make it myself, cook it myself, create it myself, and do it all by myself, to be the best mama. Right?!

But what if this wasn’t the truth? What if there was more to being mama then just providing all the stuff? Our world tells us we need more, but what if being the best mama really is about doing less?

Two years into motherhood, I am finally accepting that this is true. I too am a recovering perfectionist/do it all “myselfer.” But what I have learned, is that motherhood is hard. We cannot do motherhood alone and we don’t have to do it all. What our littles really need, is simplicity.

They need less stuff, and more conversations.

They need less activities, and more play.

They need less school, and more experience.

They need less clean, and more mess.

They need less façade, and more real.

They need less hiding, and more vulnerability.

Our littles need a different way, a better way. They do not need more in the ways the world tells us, they need less. What they really need is a mama who is focused on the little things. The mama who does more being, rather than doing. They need the mama who is brave enough to choose to be present in lieu of being perfect. Our littles, they just need you mama. They need the mama that you are, the real woman with feelings, and struggles, and weakness. The mama who leans in, overcomes, and pushes through even when it’s hard. The mama who tries her best and loves her hardest.

Our littles, they just need the little things.

To know they are loved.

To have their physical and emotional needs met.

And to play.

At the end of the day, if you can check yes to these three little things, then you are doing all right mama.

With love,


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Remember, you were never created to do it all and you were never created to do it alone.