I have a confession to make. I love my children deeply, BUT I count down the minutes until bedtime. By 5 PM I am just DONE. I am done wiping butts and making one million snacks. I am done refereeing squabbles and trying to find activities they can do together. I am done being patient and using my calm voice. I am done entertaining and cleaning up messes. It has been literally 12 hours since my day started and I just need a break. This mama gig is 24/7 y’all and it is exhausting all of the time. So yes, I love my children, but I also love me some #metime. And when 7 PM rolls around I get at least 2 hours (maybe…) of time to myself. And it is BLISS. Binge watch Netflix while eating ice cream in bed? Check. Read actual books? Check. Sleep? Sometimes. Whatever the hell I choose? Check.

I used to be plagued with #momguilt about this. But you know what? My children do not have to be everything to me all of the time. I was a person before I made tiny humans, and I get to be a person now that I spend my days raising them. Do I make sacrifices all of the time? Yes. But do I also have permission to take care of myself? Hell yes.

So here is to #metime mamas. Let’s remember we need it and let’s prioritize it. Comment below and tell me how you spend your few hours of uninterrupted bliss?

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