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Logo + visual identity

Website design

Marketing materials

Specializing in lifestyle photography for children and families, Chelsea captures moments big and small, and everything in between - those moments that might otherwise pass by unnoticed.  Chelsea is a gifted storyteller and feels honored to share the stories of the families she works with.  It is in the authentic moments that the ordinary is made beautiful and where real life is captured. ​

Chelsea was ready to take her hobby to the next level and turn her passion for photography into a business. Chelsea envisioned a clean, simple, yet sophisticated identity that highlighted her photography. She is known for her boutique style, incorporating imagination, glitter, and glam into her photography.  This can be seen in the layered boutique style of her website, the dark navy and pink color scheme, and rose gold foil details.  

**Some design details were changed by client herself after Simply B Collective handed over the final design. Therefore, linking the actual live site would not be a true representation of the website that was designed. See below portfolio for examples of this brand.



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