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hello there,

I am mama, wife, creative, perfectionist, detail queen, and a lover of all things pretty.  My real name is Bethany, but the loves of my life - my husband, my little, my friends - all call me B. 


My love of the creative started very young. From my toddler years on what I remember most are not toys, but the things I created and the experience of making.  

I believe that in creating things, bonds are formed, new understandings blossom, and relationships are deepened.  We all have the desire and ability to be creative, but I have dedicated my life to learning and developing skills to make your creative dreams become a reality through my graphic design services. 

Most of all, there is beauty in living simply. The moment I became mama everything changed. I quickly became aware of my limited time and resources.  Prioritizing and letting go became my motto, in both motherhood and business.

I believe there is nothing more important than being present in each of your moments, whether big or small.  Because honestly? It's in the little things that we find the BIG moments. 

So here is the truth: you do not have to do it all.  My goal is to be your right hand gal.  Let me worry about perfecting all those creative details. I'll tell the story - you simply b.  Simply b the woman you were created to be doing the thing you were called to do.  You got this, lady. 

with love.

graphic designer
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